About GFS

Gluten Free Specialists based in New Zealand

While already in the Foodservice Industry, and with 25 years prior industry experience, Dene Minty founded GFS. As both a welcome challenge and a much needed solution to the increasing demand for quality products that meet specific Dietary needs.

While looking for a new challenge, owner Dene Minty spent time looking into the Gluten Free market. What he discovered was a poor range of products that did not have comparable taste, product range or packaging quality to offer consumers what was needed.

GFS was launched in response to this gap in the market, sourcing superior products that meet the dietary needs of those with food allergies, food sensitivity, gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance, coeliacs, and anyone who would like the choice of healthier food options.

The challenge that continues to drive the team at Gluten Free Specialists is to provide an ever expanding range of affordable, quality products that cater to all categories; including breakfast, sweet treats, snacks and meal options. The range we currently have available is exceptional, and we have received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback on the allergy friendly foods that make up our current range.

We have discovered that in many situations it is only one or two family members who are Gluten Free, or have other specific dietary requirements, creating the need for meals to be prepared separately. What we provide is a range of meal and snack products that meet these food requirements, and that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our products are personally selected from manufacturers worldwide, chosen for their excellent quality and great taste to ensure everyone can enjoy them.